Thursday, July 30, 2009

Your Ultimate List of Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car From My Friend John

There is in fact a list of questions to ask when buying a used car, and asking these questions can help you get the best car you can for the best deal you can.

One of the key things you need to be able to get a good used car is information, which is where your list of questions to ask comes in.

These questions will help you figure out if the car is worth buying and they will also help you get the good deals. With all that said, here is the list of questions to ask when buying a used car.

Who was this vehicle bought from?

The car dealership should be able to tell you how many owners the car has had. Ideally, you want a car that has only one owner.

Not that you can't get a good car that has had two or three owners, but a car that's been passed around like the common cold is way more likely to have problems.

What are you willing to sell the car for?

This is question on the list of questions to ask when buying a used car that will really help you get a good deal.

Asking this basically tells the dealer that you are not going to pay the price they have listed, so they better be prepared to deal if they want the sale.

Has this car been involved in any accidents?

Of course, the answer you're looking for is no. It's not uncommon for cars that have been pretty severely damaged to end up refurbished and back on the car lot.

A skilled mechanic can take a car back to good as new condition, but often times the car is restored just enough to sell, and will have problems down the line.

Will they let you do an inspection?

If you have a friendly mechanic available, you should always have a car looked over before you buy it. But even if you don't know a mechanic who will look a car over on the cheap, you should still ask the question.

If the dealership says no, regardless of their excuses, this is not a dealer you can trust.

Does it have a warranty?

The only reason a car is ever listed 'as is' is because the dealership has looked at the car and decided the car will cost more to repair than they can possibly make on the deal, so you should always make sure a warranty is available.

If one isn't, chances are there is something wrong with the car that the dealer doesn't want you to know about.

By using this list of questions to ask when buying a used car, you'll be able to get a real picture of how good a car you're getting and this can be handy in negotiating.

If you've decided a car has had an accident but it's worth buying, you can use this knowledge to get a better deal. Just make sure you always have all the information before you make any car purchase, used or otherwise.

Don't fall for the dealer's trap

Read their playbook, touching on establishing control and exerting their persuasion from the moment you pull on the lot all the way through the car buying experience, and learn how to fight back.

This information has the potential to save you untold thousands on your next vehicle purchase, a risk you can't take in today's tough times.

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