Monday, September 21, 2009


According to my friend's (the car dealer) hint, Maiple Leafs forward Mikhail Grabovsky made a present to himself by buying 2009 BMW Z4. What can we say? We hope Mikhail's play will be as good as this terrific (and not over-expensive) car during 2009-10 season.

Here is review published by

Even the base 2009 BMW Z4 sDrive30i is an entertaining drive thanks to its willing and preternaturally smooth 255-hp inline-6. The twin-turbocharged sDrive35i is better yet, offering up authoritative yet refined acceleration with no perceptible turbo lag. The snarky exhaust note only adds to the fun and gets angrier as the revs climb. The new dual-clutch automated manual transmission delivers quick and smooth shifts in manual mode, yet it doesn't lurch in parking lot situations, and gently easing into the throttle doesn't result in a sudden snap. In terms of handling and steering, BMW's latest roadster is sporty enough for most, but its reflexes and communication with the driver are lackluster when compared to those of Porsche's Boxster and Cayman. The main culprit here is the electric power steering system, which is largely devoid of the feel and feedback we expect in BMW products.

The outgoing BMW Z4, like the Z3 before it, was widely considered to be merely an expensive "sporty" car -- a Miata for well-off college coeds. But a full redesign for the 2009 BMW Z4 moves the car into the rarefied realm of true luxury/performance roadsters. The new Z4 is significantly more refined, there's a little more room inside and it now boasts a power-folding hardtop. It's more expensive, too, but that's to be expected with the advent of the retractable hardtop and a more luxurious interior. At $45,000-50,000 to start, the Z4 now goes head-to-head with well-established rivals like the Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class and the Porsche Boxster.

The Z4 mostly delivers when it comes to performance, the exception being its artificial-feeling electric power steering, and it adds a level of sophistication that few small convertibles can match. The base sDrive 30i comes with a capable inline-6 that's good for 255 hp, while the sDrive35i ups the ante with a 300-hp twin-turbocharged inline-6 that gets the roadster from zero to 60 in an estimated 5 seconds flat -- about as quick as last year's hard-core M version of the Z4. You can also get an all-new seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission on the sDrive35i that's similar to the M3's "M DCT" gearbox.

The latest Z4 is about 6 inches longer and 350 pounds heavier than before. Visually, the car is stunning. There's even a hint of the classic BMW 507 from the 1950s if you look closely at the front end treatment. The power-retractable hardtop also adds a whole new dimension to the car. Owners still get the al fresco driving experience of a convertible, but now they can seal up the car with the hardtop when the noise, wind and/or temperature get to be too much. The Z4's cabin is also more elegant than it used to be, with better materials and greater attention to detail. BMW's controversial iDrive interface system is available on the Z4 for the first time, and thankfully it benefits from the substantial revisions that BMW has applied for '09. It's much easier to use than before.

From a value standpoint, vehicles like the Audi TT and upcoming Nissan 370Z roadster are less expensive, but the Z4's higher price gets you a lot more car. Mercedes-Benz's competitively priced SLK-Class remains a viable contender, but the new Z4 eclipses it in some ways. Porsche's Boxster ragtop and Cayman coupe are more dynamically involving, and Chevrolet's Corvette convertible delivers big V8 power, but they can't match the versatility of the Z4's retractable hardtop. Overall, the 2009 BMW Z4's combination of sophistication, luxury and performance makes it a compelling new entrant in this entertaining segment.

Mikhail Grabovsky. Maple Leafs and Belorus Forward

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Let's Go, Flames™! Cadillac Diecast

It's the perfect team! Power and style merge in this fine-quality Calgary Flames™ collectible Cadillac® diecast, superbly crafted in 1:18 scale by Ertl® - the leading name in diecast business. A terrific tribute to the Calgary Flames® and the incomparable 1953 Cadillac® Eldorado™, this baby is loaded with precision details! Take a look under the hood and you'll see a detailed replica of the monstrous 331 cubic inch 210 hp V-8, the most powerful engine available in 1953. Plus, stand back and admire the authentic Calgary Flames® logos and slogans, the scarlet finish, the chrome-look accents, the parade flags and so much more!
Brought to you by The Ashton-Drake Galleries, this exciting NHL team collectible is officially licensed by NHL. Perfect for any die-hard Flames® fan, it's designed to look great displayed anywhere in your home or office, and it makes an outstanding collectible Calgary Flames® gift too.

This collectible Calgary Flames™ collectible Cadillac® diecast from The Ashton-Drake Galleries features:

•A must-have NHL team collectible, this Let's Go, Flames™! '53 Cadillac® Eldorado™ diecast merges power and style in one perfect tribute
•This Flames™ collectible diecast is proudly crafted in 1:18 scale by Ertl®, leading name in the diecast business
•Officially licensed by NHL This dramatic collectible Cadillac® diecast showcases authentic Calgary Flames® logos and slogans from bumper to bumper, including two dynamic parade flags
•Showcases a detailed replica of the monstrous 331 cubic inch 210 hp V-8 - the most powerful engine available in 1953
•This Calgary Flames™ collectible Cadillac® diecast is precision engineered to original Cadillac® specs and filled with head-turning Eldorado™ details, from the dropped door design to the panoramic wrap-around windshield, chrome-look accents
•Perfect for display anywhere in your office or home and makes an outstanding collectible Calgary Flames® gift!
•Certificate of Authenticity
•1:18 scale measures 11" L; 28 cm L

And the very last detail you should be interested. The price is...$199.99 before tax - it's not too expencive for Cadillac. OK, just kidding...
Still want it? Go to BradfordHockey. Good luck!