Monday, September 21, 2009


According to my friend's (the car dealer) hint, Maiple Leafs forward Mikhail Grabovsky made a present to himself by buying 2009 BMW Z4. What can we say? We hope Mikhail's play will be as good as this terrific (and not over-expensive) car during 2009-10 season.

Here is review published by

Even the base 2009 BMW Z4 sDrive30i is an entertaining drive thanks to its willing and preternaturally smooth 255-hp inline-6. The twin-turbocharged sDrive35i is better yet, offering up authoritative yet refined acceleration with no perceptible turbo lag. The snarky exhaust note only adds to the fun and gets angrier as the revs climb. The new dual-clutch automated manual transmission delivers quick and smooth shifts in manual mode, yet it doesn't lurch in parking lot situations, and gently easing into the throttle doesn't result in a sudden snap. In terms of handling and steering, BMW's latest roadster is sporty enough for most, but its reflexes and communication with the driver are lackluster when compared to those of Porsche's Boxster and Cayman. The main culprit here is the electric power steering system, which is largely devoid of the feel and feedback we expect in BMW products.

The outgoing BMW Z4, like the Z3 before it, was widely considered to be merely an expensive "sporty" car -- a Miata for well-off college coeds. But a full redesign for the 2009 BMW Z4 moves the car into the rarefied realm of true luxury/performance roadsters. The new Z4 is significantly more refined, there's a little more room inside and it now boasts a power-folding hardtop. It's more expensive, too, but that's to be expected with the advent of the retractable hardtop and a more luxurious interior. At $45,000-50,000 to start, the Z4 now goes head-to-head with well-established rivals like the Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class and the Porsche Boxster.

The Z4 mostly delivers when it comes to performance, the exception being its artificial-feeling electric power steering, and it adds a level of sophistication that few small convertibles can match. The base sDrive 30i comes with a capable inline-6 that's good for 255 hp, while the sDrive35i ups the ante with a 300-hp twin-turbocharged inline-6 that gets the roadster from zero to 60 in an estimated 5 seconds flat -- about as quick as last year's hard-core M version of the Z4. You can also get an all-new seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission on the sDrive35i that's similar to the M3's "M DCT" gearbox.

The latest Z4 is about 6 inches longer and 350 pounds heavier than before. Visually, the car is stunning. There's even a hint of the classic BMW 507 from the 1950s if you look closely at the front end treatment. The power-retractable hardtop also adds a whole new dimension to the car. Owners still get the al fresco driving experience of a convertible, but now they can seal up the car with the hardtop when the noise, wind and/or temperature get to be too much. The Z4's cabin is also more elegant than it used to be, with better materials and greater attention to detail. BMW's controversial iDrive interface system is available on the Z4 for the first time, and thankfully it benefits from the substantial revisions that BMW has applied for '09. It's much easier to use than before.

From a value standpoint, vehicles like the Audi TT and upcoming Nissan 370Z roadster are less expensive, but the Z4's higher price gets you a lot more car. Mercedes-Benz's competitively priced SLK-Class remains a viable contender, but the new Z4 eclipses it in some ways. Porsche's Boxster ragtop and Cayman coupe are more dynamically involving, and Chevrolet's Corvette convertible delivers big V8 power, but they can't match the versatility of the Z4's retractable hardtop. Overall, the 2009 BMW Z4's combination of sophistication, luxury and performance makes it a compelling new entrant in this entertaining segment.

Mikhail Grabovsky. Maple Leafs and Belorus Forward

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Let's Go, Flames™! Cadillac Diecast

It's the perfect team! Power and style merge in this fine-quality Calgary Flames™ collectible Cadillac® diecast, superbly crafted in 1:18 scale by Ertl® - the leading name in diecast business. A terrific tribute to the Calgary Flames® and the incomparable 1953 Cadillac® Eldorado™, this baby is loaded with precision details! Take a look under the hood and you'll see a detailed replica of the monstrous 331 cubic inch 210 hp V-8, the most powerful engine available in 1953. Plus, stand back and admire the authentic Calgary Flames® logos and slogans, the scarlet finish, the chrome-look accents, the parade flags and so much more!
Brought to you by The Ashton-Drake Galleries, this exciting NHL team collectible is officially licensed by NHL. Perfect for any die-hard Flames® fan, it's designed to look great displayed anywhere in your home or office, and it makes an outstanding collectible Calgary Flames® gift too.

This collectible Calgary Flames™ collectible Cadillac® diecast from The Ashton-Drake Galleries features:

•A must-have NHL team collectible, this Let's Go, Flames™! '53 Cadillac® Eldorado™ diecast merges power and style in one perfect tribute
•This Flames™ collectible diecast is proudly crafted in 1:18 scale by Ertl®, leading name in the diecast business
•Officially licensed by NHL This dramatic collectible Cadillac® diecast showcases authentic Calgary Flames® logos and slogans from bumper to bumper, including two dynamic parade flags
•Showcases a detailed replica of the monstrous 331 cubic inch 210 hp V-8 - the most powerful engine available in 1953
•This Calgary Flames™ collectible Cadillac® diecast is precision engineered to original Cadillac® specs and filled with head-turning Eldorado™ details, from the dropped door design to the panoramic wrap-around windshield, chrome-look accents
•Perfect for display anywhere in your office or home and makes an outstanding collectible Calgary Flames® gift!
•Certificate of Authenticity
•1:18 scale measures 11" L; 28 cm L

And the very last detail you should be interested. The price is...$199.99 before tax - it's not too expencive for Cadillac. OK, just kidding...
Still want it? Go to BradfordHockey. Good luck!

Monday, August 24, 2009



It seems that every where you turn, the price of gas keeps on rising. Buying and owning a car is certainly a drain on your budget.

Here are some very useful and effective ways that you can save money and achieve better gas mileage.

•A very key element in keeping gas costs at a minimum is to have your vehicle properly maintained for top efficiency. Keeping your brake pads in top shape, as well as spark plugs, and having your oil changed according to schedule will ensure that your gas costs are low and also benefit the environment.

•The most common and most often forgotten way to save gas if to make sure that your tired are properly inflated. Simply, tire pressure is critical in how much gas your car uses. If your tires aren’t fully inflated it causes rolling resistance, this resistance causes your car to drag and waste gas. Keeping your tires around the normal 35 psi will cut your gas costs. Keeping your tires at this recommended pressure will also make your car glide further, so all you heavy footed fast drivers can now take your foot off the pedal!

•Avoid spontaneous pedal acceleration. Try to maintain a steady hold on the gas and when in need of a fast acceleration, try do so steady and evenly. Obviously, when your foot is off the gas, the less gas will be used.

•There is a speed limit for a reason. This is mainly to maintain overall safety; however, if you drive at or around the speed limit, you will waste less gas than if you are driving faster.

•Put your car into neutral when driving down a hill. If it's a steep downgrade leave it in gear and coast that way. The transmission will help slow you down a little on steep downgrades, but in any event try to keep your foot out of the gas for as long as you can.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Do you know what car brand and model prefers our reigning Conn Smythe trophy winner? Right now I am not sure. Maybe Geno Malkin has got a new one as a present from his owner Mario Lemieux, but as of spring 2009 he was driving white Porsche 911.

GENO entering his Porsche

Let's look into this one deeper. So please meet PORSCHE 911 Carrera 4

Showing the dynamic attitude typical of the brand, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, are continuing the generation change of the 911 model series. Just a few weeks after the new 911s with classic rear-wheel drive, the all-wheel-drive versions Carrera 4 and Carrera 4S are now entering the market in both Coupe and Cabriolet guise.

A whole range of new technologies surrounding the engine, the transmission and drivetrain ensures an even higher standard of driving pleasure on much lower fuel consumption. Particularly the precision and fast response of the new, electronically controlled all-wheel drive offers an even more intense driving experience, above all in interaction with the likewise new flat-six engines with Direct Fuel Injection and the PDK Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe or double-clutch gearbox available as an option.

The features and characteristics of the new engines speak for themselves: Depending on the model, the new all-wheel-drive Carrera offers up to 8.5 per cent more power, up to 12.9 per cent more fuel economy, and 15.4 per cent lower CO2 emissions. Specifically, output of the 3.6-litre power unit is up by 20 to 345 bhp (254 kW). At the same time a Carrera 4 Coupe with PDK, to take just one example, consumes a mere 10.1 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres, equal to 28.0 mpg imp. The improvements on the 911 Carrera 4S with its 3.8-litre power unit are equally significant, with maximum output up by 30 to 385 bhp (283 kW) on overall fuel consumption down in the case of Carrera 4S Cabriolet with PDK to 10.7 litres/100 km, equal to 26.4 mpg imp.

In the new generation of the Carrera 4 and Carrera 4S electronically controlled PTM Porsche Traction Management replaces the former all-wheel drive with its viscous multiple-plate clutch. This superior system developed for the 911 Turbo and modified for the Carrera models combines the driving pleasure so typical of Porsche with an even higher standard of driving stability, traction and agile handling further enhanced by the mechanical rear axle differential fitted as standard.

The new all-wheel-drive sports cars come with sporting manual transmission featuring six gears. As an alternative the new models are available with Porsche's new Doppelkupplungsgetriebe replacing the former Tiptronic S automatic converter transmission and offering an even faster gearshift on less fuel. The Doppelkupplungsgetriebe or double-clutch gearbox comes with seven gears shifting electrohydraulically without the slightest interruption of traction and pulling force.

The new generation of the 911 model series stands out clearly through the discreet but striking modification of the front end and new lights technology. The new Carrera models come in all cases with bi-xenon headlights and new LED daytime driving lights.

Evgeni Malkin with Conn Smythe Trophy

The newly designed rear light clusters also feature LED technology and for the first time Porsche offers Dynamic Bending Lights as an option. It almost goes without saying that all Carrera 4 models come as before with their muscular rear end 44 millimetres or 1.73" wider than on the two-wheel-drive versions. And a new reflector trim bar between the LED rear lights gives the typical rear end of the car even more dynamic character.

New PCM Porsche Communication Management with its touch-sensitive screen improves operation of the in some cases optional navigation, information and audio systems to an even higher standard. And a further important point is that PCM is now compatible with Bluetooth, USB and iPod requirements.

Source: Porsche Press Releases

Tuesday, August 18, 2009



Time to buy a new Car – What now?
Before you start to brainstorm about what kind of car is best for you, what deal makes the most sense, and where to turn to actually buy the car. It is very important to remember this tip:

The auto industry is a business filled mostly with honest folks, all of whom are trying to do one thing, sell you a car, as quickly as possible, without any complications. It is important for the buyer to be aware that Car Salesmen, Sales Managers and Finance Managers all work on commission. They are thinking about their pay checks first when selling you a vehicle and arranging car financing for you.

The buyer must always go into an auto sale with a plan. Our team here at the Thecar-loanking has over 30 years of auto sales experience. We highly recommend that you know this:

Car dealers make their living according to a selling method designed to influence you into making an emotional and costly car buying decision before you have a chance to think it through. So be Prepared!

Buying a car can almost be like a game of chance. It is not just you versus a car salesperson. When you walk into a car dealership, you face a professionally organized team of pros who perform their sales pitch every day.

In most recent, times, and thankfully for us at the Thecar-loanking, car buyers have turned to the internet to make an auto deal. The human, face to face interaction and the pressures of dealing with a manipulative car salesman are lost to the online space.

However, this issue opens up a whole new batch of questions. Mainly, can a car buyer really find the deal they need from a website? The answer is YES! The Thecar-loanking will provide you with all of the vital information you will need as a car buyer, to purchase a car from a traditional dealership and online.

The Thecar-loanking will save you thousands of dollars, tons of time and a whole lot of hassle.



Right off the bat the Thecar-loanking will tell you that what a car dealer is willing to sell a car for depends a great deal on the supply and demand of that particular vehicle. That seems simple, right?

The higher end luxury cars are sold for more money, because there is a high demand for them. They are eye catching, they are higher performance vehicles, and they are usually better cars. Yet, when buying a car, expect the dealer to stand firm on their starting price. There is not much room for bargaining with a car salesman, because in most cases, the buyer is only buying one car, not multiple automobiles.

Obviously most car buyers want the most recent model, if they can get it. Yet, a very valuable tip is that in some cases, when very popular new models first come out and the supply is primarily low, some car dealers will only sell these new models way above sticker price, to move older inventory first. This is America, home of the American Dream, purveyors of materialism. There are always people willing to pay above sticker to get these new models.

A smart car consumer will buy a car from previous years without fret, and know they are getting a deal compared to a newer model.

The same rule applies if there is a low demand for a vehicle. Usually the dealer will be more willing to give a better deal for a lower demand car.

Shop around. Do not put all your eggs in one basket and go to one dealership. Check your local listings for the dealerships in and around your area.

Don't rush into anything. Go in with the attitude that you are expecting a big discount. Compare, and see what you can get out of them.

A key secret when negotiating for a vehicle only negotiate the actual selling price of the car. Monthly payment or trade-ins will only limit your knowledge of what you are actually paying and prohibit you from getting the best deal. Keep these side deals separate from the actual negotiation.

Remember, when you're shopping for a car you are in control of the whole process. The car dealer can't make you do anything you don't want to do. All you have to do if you are being pressured too much is to get up and leave.

Don't be persuaded to put any money down until after you've made your decision to purchase a particular vehicle and you've negotiated a firm price. A deposit is a real form of control that the dealer should not have on you. If you want the car bad enough, you will buy it. Putting a hastily deposit down may result in money loss if you end up finding a better deal.

There are plenty of car dealers out there who will appreciate your business. There is no need for you to put up with the high pressure tactics some car dealers use to intimidate you into buying and financing through them. Take your time, think things through -- in fact, sleep on any deal before you decide, and you'll get the car you want at the best price available.

The Car Loan Kings