Wednesday, August 5, 2009


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Advice on buying a first car is hard to come by. Well, no, I take that back; good advice on buying your first car is hard to come by.

Bad advice is plentiful, but most of it, by dent of being bad advice, won't help you get the right car at the right price.
If this is your first auto you probably do need advice on buying a first car. Buying a car is a pretty involved process and doing it for the first time, just adds an additional layer of nervousness.

Getting the right advice will put you on the right track to getting the right car.
Your first thing you need to think about when buying your first car is whether to get a new car or a used car. Don't immediately discard the notion of buying a used car because you automatically think of old beat up cars.

Cars don't immediately fall apart after two or three years, but they do cost substantially less. You can often find a "like new car", at a huge discount, if you look around. This is often an easier purchase for the newbie car buyer, so you need to give it some thought.

The best piece of advice on buying a first car, that anyone can give you, is to do your research. You should always take the time to cruise the car lots to find out exactly what cars are being offered and find a few you like.
Once you've done that, you need to go online and find out as much as you can about the cars you like. This actually serves two purposes, both of which are important.

The first is that it will help you narrow down your choices and find out if the cars you like, are cars that will fit your lifestyle.

The second reason to do your research is to give you leverage when it comes time to actually buy.

If you don't have the information at your fingertips, you're going to have to rely on what the car dealer tells you. However, this will almost certainly mean that you will pay more than you need to.

Another neglected piece of advice on buying a first car is to look at your financing options before you start shopping. This will give you a good picture of what you can afford to buy, which will help you find the right car.
It will also give you another piece of leverage to use when you're buying the car. Many dealerships also provide financing and you can use the finance information you already have to help negotiate a good deal.

This last, but certainly not the least valuable piece of advice, on buying a first car, which I can give you, is to be prepared when it comes time to negotiate.
This means that you need to go in rested, ready and prepared to get the best price you can. Don't let the dealer intimidate you and remember that they need you, you don't need them. Just follow the advice here and you will be on right track
for buying your first car.

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